Our Leadership

With a background in court reporting, Karen moved into the captioning arena in 2004, starting Access Resource in 2007. Having a clear focus on service and providing excellent access, she continued to build her business to provide exceptional captioning services and opportunities for those who provide this important service. 

Carry with running feet is the mantra that drives her work every day.  The passion and desire to maintain growth and opportunity while finding the balance between developing a strong leadership and captioning team and providing access to more and more opportunities each day. She has a focus on service that is non-negotiable when it comes to quality and equal access.


Karen L. Skow


Our Administrative support

Our team of dedicated administrative support staff ensure a rapid response to clients and consumers while assisting with trouble shooting daily, thinking outside the box, and brainstorming the best ways to provide service for each individual client. Our person-centered approach to service means each client will receive a custom plan that fits their needs. 

Collaboration is a key foundation for the work that we do, and we are adamant about keeping the focus on the consumer using the service. We are a dedicated stakeholder on the accessibility team.

Our Captioners 

Access Resource Captioners are highly-trained and experienced with the desired skills, technological knowledge and experience to provide up-to-pace and accurate captioning for necessary access. They are leaders in their field, providing highly-proficient captioning and support for Access Resource’s clients. They hold high-level certifications and bring a wealth of experience to the service they provide.