University/College Courses &

High School Classrooms

Access Resource supports the needs of high school, college, and university students. Our connection with the students is organized primarily by the accessibility office or support personal at each school. Those team members connect the consumer (student/professor) with our staff at Access Resource. We will then pair the consumer with a highly-qualified CART captioner who will connect to the classroom’s audio. After the connection is made the captioner will provide real-time captions with very high accuracy averaging 97-99% of what is being presented during the class. Transcripts will be provided to use as class notes. 

Professional Development Classes/

Workplace Training

We also provide access to courses outside of the classroom setting. These can be organized by a school or community group. Captioning for this type of event can be broadcast to various platforms. Our team enjoys supporting the community in this way by reaching a variety of consumers. Often consumers provide this service as a best practice for inclusion without a need for a specific request. Providing that access to all is a core value of our company.