Access Resource

“Karen Skow provided excellent service, which allowed those with hearing impairments to be full participants in a seminar I held last winter.  As this was my first experience with Closed Caption technology, Karen took me step-by-step through the set-up process and I was impressed by her level of expertise. Those participating had only good things to say about the experience. Closed Captioning is not just a good idea, it’s a way to ensure opportunities for the fuller involvement of those with hearing impairments.” Carol M. Knicker, Ed.D.  

“Karen Skow of Access Resource was easy to work with and carefully walked me through the process of providing remote CART.  She responded to questions in an efficient manner, provided one-on-one staff orientation, helped identify microphone vendors and worked with the student to make sure they understood the log-in process and features.  The student was very satisfied with remote CART services through Access Resource.   I intend to utilize Access Resource for future CART services and highly recommend them to other higher education institutions.“
Julie Snow, Disability Services Director and ADA Compliance Officer Minnesota State University ~ Mankato

“You were a joy to work with, so easy going making my job so much easier.  The technology went off without a hitch and I actually encouraged another one of our Hard of Hearing students to try CART this coming semester because of the ease and convenience of the system.  The Deaf student who used the services this semester enjoyed it and liked getting the exact English translation.  We used both CART and interpreting services in tandem and it was fully accessible for the student and never lost the connection even when we got up and walked to the basement classroom – saying a lot about MSU’s wireless internet system as well.   Each Deaf/Hard of Hearing student is different and having both CART and Sign Language interpreters we can make the appropriate accommodations for everyone.  Thank you Karen for your work this past semester!” Pam Guerrero, Lead interpreter Minnesota State University ~ Mankato

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Karen Skow this past school year as we have provided CART services for a student with limited vision in our building.  Throughout the year, Karen has worked closely with the case manager, the paraprofessionals, the classroom teachers, the Tech Office, and the student to provide the most reliable CART service. Through Karen's efforts and constant communication links, this student has been provided the most appropriate learning experience in as close to real time as possible. This was our first year in association with Karen and we sincerely hope that she will continue to provide the top-notch service for this student while a student at our school.”
Steve ~ High School Principal

“I fought so long and hard for this technology for our daughter.  It was so worth it! The school district kept pushing for mainstreaming her...but didn't have a way to support her unique and individual needs in that forum.  When I saw how this would give her so much authentic information, (not information interpreted by someone else first-because this is all typed word-for-word) it became the foundation of her educational experience.  That is what she and anyone like her deserves....first-hand information.  And now seeing how passionate she is with it, and is lost without just confirms that it was/is the right choice for her. CART has become the air of knowledge and connection she breathes.  In a nut shell....without it....well I just can't even go there!”
Jane ~ Parent of CART Student with hearing/vision impairments


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